Embracing the Process

Or Flipping Tables -Literally- on Unexpected Outcomes?

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

“One Option is no Option. Two Options are a Dilemma. There are at least 3 Options”-Tony Robbins (The Breakthrough Challenge 2022)

The way how things unfold is mysterious. We think we have it all figured out only to find ourselves -again- in a position of confusion, loss, and utter disbelief. Yet, we need to have a sense of direction and we somehow need to make sense of the alternations that have happened to our plan.

Here is a little Context…

A few months ago, I’ve committed myself to writing for this fiction writing contest that was organized in college during my semester finals period.

I’d checked my digital notebook and I’d found an idea that was just calling to be manifested for this occasion. Rendering the idea into a story was absolutely enjoyable and refreshing while preparing for my exams.

I registered the deadline on my calendar, and akin to checking the oven until my cookies were baked inside out until they had that golden glow, I was a hawk observing my story for any changes, making sure that the ideas flow smoothly, and I even inserted some confessions that reflected on the pressure of the time.

Shortly after, and to my greatest relief, I got an email of a deadline extension when I was already done with my story!

The Twist…

A few days later, set and excited to share my well-baked story, I double-check the email one last time to make sure I still had time before the deadline only to realize that it has already passed;

I had put the wrong deadline update on my calendar.

I Almost Agonized…

“What if this is a blessing in disguise?” -Me then.


Not going to lie, it was hard coming to terms with that at first but I knew that crying over it was not going to do me any good either. So, I’ve created a new meaning for my creation;

But I didn’t.

“This is only the beginning”- Me now.

I gave myself time to process this situation but I couldn't allow myself to agonize over it; a dramatic reaction to unexpected outcomes is a recipe for dramatic unpleasant and unnecessary emotionally charged results.

At times like this, the time and efforts I have invested so far into reinventing myself and shifting my mindset were the most useful. To manage this scenario and get something out of it, the focus was not on the answer to “How do I feel about this?”.

Instead, it was on “How do create a different opportunity from this situation?”

How can I flip this table in my favor without denying this shift of outcome?

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

In other words,…

I’ve embraced this outcome as an opportunity to try a different approach to my writing goals on one hand, and to nourish a peculiar bond in my life on the other hand. (no spoilers!)


I truly hope that you enjoy this short story.

Just like I had fun making the dough and laying the foundation for it, dancing and swaying to its rhythm while sprinkling humor on it, and finally baking it (and can you blame me for the baking references?), I hope that you savor it on your breaks during these challenging times!

I’m glad to say that I’ve scheduled the first 2 chapters to publish for next Friday!

-Imane Ben




Writer| Thinker| Sharing my journey as a high-achiever and raising questions about themes that stir my curiosity. IG: imanewrites21

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Imane Ben

Imane Ben

Writer| Thinker| Sharing my journey as a high-achiever and raising questions about themes that stir my curiosity. IG: imanewrites21

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